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Dream it, build it, grow it.

We can solve any problem. We specialize in: web development (mobile included), ux design, user acquisition and digital strategy. We also do: advertising, branding / identity, consultancy, concept development, content development, curation, naming, print, search engine optimization, signage and social. But just because what you need doesn’t fit nicely into one of those categories, that doesn’t mean we can’t help.

Dream It.

Every project begins with the dream that keeps you up at night. Careful planning is key to success.

Build It.

Done is better than perfect, at the end of the day we can execute and get it your project done.

Grow It.

In an ultra competitive landscape you can't just build it and hope the users come, it takes work.

Our Work

A sample selection of previous projects and current products.

Who We Are

Dream it, build it, grow it.

Whether you have the idea for the next big thing or need to improve an existing web property, we can help. Founded by Kyle Libra, Ludovico Tech is a small web development shop in New York City. We offer a range of services in addition to building and maintaining a handful homegrown web apps.
Stanley Kubrick’s work has had a profound effect on artists for generations. From his borderline insane attention to detail to the pioneering of one-point prospective, his influence on our own work is deep. One of his most iconic moments is from 1971’s A Clockwork Orange wherein protagonist Alex Delarge is subjected to a fictional form of therapy called the Ludovico Technique. The therapy features actor Malcolm McDowell’s eyes being forced open as he is subjected to sounds and sights and has become an indelible moment in popular culture. User engagement has certainly changed over the past four decades, to the chagrin of some. It is from this classic scene that Ludovico Tech takes its name.
Born and raised in the Midwest, Kyle grew up watching his father start and grow businesses in advertising and real estate. His own fascination with technology began in middle school when he built his first computer from parts ordered online and his mother enrolled him in his first extracurricular programming classes. Fast forward to present day, Kyle is a third generation entrepreneur living in New York City. His hobbies (outside of all things technology) include snowboarding, filmmaking and travel. You can find him on Twitter, LinkedIn and writing his personal blog which features thoughts on society, technology and culture.

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